Cat Art? Dog Art? No…It’s Whale Art This Time


SplashDance send

“Splash Dance”
As a new resident of Dana Point, I am constantly stimulated by the scenery offered by this coastal town.  As an artist and animal lover, I usually celebrate our beloved cats and dogs in paintings and drawings.  This time, it’s these gentle giants of the sea I highlight, with color, composition and much happiness.  While my subjects usually speak through human-like eyes and facial expression, in this case I felt that their tails would be more telling. For whale watchers, these wondrous creatures have a gift to share.  When one emerges from the depths and dark blue waves, it can happen with a sudden “BOO!” effect, creating quite an adrenaline rush for its human audience.   But the ultimate visual treat… is its tail.  Outstanding in aesthetics aside, one fleeting glimpse often leaves viewers with a sense of awe, victory, respect… even euphoria.   I hope you will enjoy “Splash Dance” as much as I enjoyed creating it.


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