Poetry in Paint ~ Cat Art, Dog Art, People & Poems…

Whether it’s cats or dogs, our best friends play an important role in our lives.  Laura Seeley’s POETRY IN PAINT collection is a celebration of these precious critters.  With a touch of fantasy and fun.  But look closely.  Nestled in the landscape of each lyrical painting is a verse.  Award-winning author and illustrator of children’s books, Laura the painter suggests that “life’s experience” is one big story, a story filled with many smaller stories.  Goals, dreams, the paths we take, the choices we make, strategy, luck, love…  Laura sees what wonderful creations each and every animal is.  As she looks into their often inquisitive eyes, she longs to know how they perceive the world they share with us.  And she wonders.  Perhaps how we treat and respect these beautiful and mysterious creatures are reflections of ourselves.


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