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In Celebration of the Black Cat

black cat artInteresting that the black cat so often gets overlooked and avoided at adoption events; sad, too.  Ironically, though, I’ve lost count the times I’ve heard from my art buyers how much my best seller, “The Hunter”, looks just like theirs. He decorates the home page in this site and is a very black cat.

In anticipation of one of our favorite holidays, here is the 4pak design of images from “A Cat Never Tells”, available on long-sleeve ladies’ black tees. Each individually titled, images also available singularly as art as well as on tees. Complete set can be viewed in the gallery “A Cat Never Tells”

Also available, “The Hunter”, in two versions; yellow eyes and green eyes. (The Country Cats Gallery)

And “Stargazer”, my other best selling kitty (The Whimsy Cats Gallery)