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The Eyes Have It

Cats have always tickled my creative inspiration.  As one might say while perusing my body of work…”Ya think?”  And while that inspiration comes from their many incredible traits- their grace, their mystery, their lines, their soft textures, their gaits… it’s their eyes especially, that draw (so to speak) me in.  Windows of light, reflections, windows to their souls… yadayada, yes, that’s been said by many again and again.   For me, it also and simply has to be translated onto paper with paint and pencil… for my own pleasure and to share with other humans.  With that, I add a little dash of human to their eyes.   As my book, The Magical Moonballs, tells, a smile is contagious and comes in every language.  I hope to keep my fellow humans smiling as they look into my critter-characters’ eyes.  Makes me smile, too.