“Laura’s visit to Graystone Elementary School was truly a highlight of the year. She was able to engage
students and teachers in an interactive art lesson while explaining the process of creating a book. We all
walked out of the room carrying our own drawings of teddy bears and puppies – even those of us who were
certain we could not draw! Our school community thoroughly enjoyed her visit and is anxious for her to
return and share her talent.
– Michele Taylor, Library Events Consultant, Graystone Elementary School, San Jose, CA

“Laura has visited our school several times during the past decade. Each time she comes, the children talk
about her visit for months. Her technique is so special that all children feel successful. Our teachers vie for
the original drawings she leaves behind. It is our loss and California’s gain that Laura has left Atlanta for a
new adventure.”
– Barbara Berryman, Media specialist, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, Atlanta, GA

“Laura’s visit was a gift our school gave to our students; a gift of literacy and art skillfully woven together”
– P. Tim Martindell, Language arts chair, Charles Drew Academy, Houston, TX

“Laura’s visit to our school was the literary highlight of our cultural events program. The students were
mesmerized for close to an hour by her lively engaging presentation of how she writes and illustrates her
books. This included a hands-on drawing session led by Laura. How proud the children were of the McHorn
McHorn masterpieces they drew!”
– Katy Johnson, Cultural Events Coordinator, Parent Volunteer, Shawsheen School, Andover, MA

“Laura Seeley captivated our students’ attention and interest as she shared her writing process and
drawing techniques. She is a gifted speaker, artist and storyteller. She inspired every child to be a writer
and illustrator during our Young Authors’ Fair Week.”
– Jeanne Casella, Principal, Mary Silveira Elementary School, San Rafael, CA

“Laura was wonderful. Our children were thoroughly engaged learning about how books are made and they
loved drawing McSpot, her Dalmatian character. Our teachers appreciated her emphasis on writing and
editing. She was a great resource…entertaining and informative.”
– Jackie Kinney, Media specialist, Simonton Elementary School, Lawrenceville, GA

“Meeting Laura was the highlight of the year. The students were very enriched by her presentation. It helped
them to better understand the process of writing and illustrating books. Having seen and read her books, the
children were motivated to create books of their own. Drawing with her made every student feel successful.”
– Beth Russell, Art teacher, George Walton Academy, Atlanta, GA

“We have had Laura at our three libraries several times and would like to have her several times more. She
is that good! Her approach at getting kids excited could not be better. If you bring Laura to your school or
library, get ready for comments that hers was the best program you have ever had.”
– Tom Bush, Children’s librarian, Southwest Georgia Regional Library System

“Laura’s creativity, wit and love of expanding children’s imaginations shines through each page of her books.
She has made a lasting impression every year with our students.”
– Nancy Walsh, Art specialist, Lake Windward Elementary School, Alpharetta, GA

“Students and teachers love Laura’s programs! The students are actively engaged and leave with a clearer
understanding of the process of writing and illustrating a book. Teachers ask her to come back year after year!”
– Marilyn Platz, Media specialist, Lake Windward Elementary School, Alpharetta, GA