JEROME, A Bumpy Journey to Joy


Written & Illustrated by Laura Seeley

Be witness to what happens inside a closed cardboard box during Jerome’s very bumpy journey… Bound for the open arms of loving children one snowy evening, 14 plush toy animals are bounced around in a box in a truck. Jerome, a brown puppy, is certain that the children won’t like him once they see the other animals and all their wonderful attributes. And each face has a big smile… each face, that is, except Jerome’s. HIS smile has been sewn upside-down. His face has a frown. So he’s sad. And terribly insecure. He feels too big next to the bunny, too small next to the giraffe. After a series of angsts with each animal, he finally bounces across Pierre the bear, who plays a big role in helping Jerome finally find joy, and how it feels to have a smile on HIS face, too.

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Written & Illustrated by Laura Seeley
(includes personalizing from Laura on request)