Written & Illustrated by Laura Seeley

In this whimsical and humorous dog tale, the pitfalls of pride and jealousy are revealed to one very attractive Dalmatian puppy. Proud of his own spots and determined to be unique, McHorn hides every other spotted thing comes across in secret place. Then one day he discovers a most frightening competitor- a stuffed Dalmatian toy dog… just as handsome as himself! His war against the spotted interloper sparks a dramatic awakening for the young dog, and he eventually feels empathy in his bully-like behavior toward the smaller dog. And when he recognizes that his own small spot in a very spotted world is still significant, he finally learns that the “underneath part”, the heart, is really what matters. Also, notice the preview peeks to a side story that emerges at the end of McHorn’s story.

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Written & Illustrated by Laura Seeley
(includes personalizing from Laura on request)